About Us

A family run hardwood flooring company with over 30 years experience in the wood floor industry. We have extensive knowledge of all types of wooden floors, sanding flooring, distressed wood flooring, exotic hardwood flooring and parquet including laying wood flooring over under floor heating.

We understand that choosing a hardwood floor over the internet can be a very risky business.  Choosing a floor based on tiny free samples has resulted in some of our customers replacing a competitors floor after a very short time. Whilst we recognise that free samples are an important part of the process we feel that there is no substitute to allowing the customer to see large samples of our products where the flooring is to be situated.  This allows us to further the dialogue resulting in a flooring choice that finally becomes the hardwood flooring you always wanted to a budget that suits.  Its hard to know what you want until you know all the options and understand the pros and cons of each.

Ordering hardwood flooring from one company and finding a trades man to fit the flooring usually results in both sides blaming each other if problems arise.  You will understand that replacing wood floors is costly, buy the flooring from the wood flooring installers who will fit it for you. We have been called out many times to advise householders left with the problems not knowing who is at fault.

Once the job is complete we don’t stop there.  All our customers are provided with maintenance products and guidelines on how to maintain their hardwood flooring.  Our maintenance guide lines vary from product to product and between commercial, domestic and sports use.  The way a floor is maintained is just as important to us as the way its has been fitted in order to keep the hardwood floor beautiful for as long as possible.